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BOOKMARK - Book of the Year 2021

Book of the Year Award 2021

In 2020 BOOKMARK  inaugurated its Book of the Year Award as a response to cancelling our...

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Go With The Flow

The motto of BOOKMARK is ‘Go with the Flow’; a phrase which evokes...

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Weighted by Christine Findlay

Christine Findlay, BOOKMARK Hon President and author, better known for her Colonel's Collection of short stories for children, has just received a 'Highly Commended' award...

by Christine Findlay
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A message from Gerda Stevenson

A message from Gerda on hearing BOOKMARK 2020 has been cancelled:

So sorry to hear about the cancellation of BOOKMARK 2020 - look forward...

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Poems for our time by local poet, Jim Mackintosh


There is nothing to add to your virtual embrace
As I gaze empty at daffodils innocent of time
Then out of the solemn sky the softest...